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All-in-One Lithium Energy Storage Battery/ 10kW/20.48kWh/HV

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Allsda AIO-5 Allsda AIO-10
General Data Battery capacity usable / nominal 9.21/10.24kWh 18.43/20.48kWh
Max. AC power charge / discharge 5kw 10kW
Electrochemistry LFP LFP
Weight 130kg 240kg
Dimensions (w*h*d) in mm 700*400*1252mm 700*400*1629mm
PV Input Max. PV array power 7kW 15kW
Max. input voltage 550V 1000 V
MPPT voltage range 125-500V 180 V ~ 850 V
Max. input current per MPPT tracker 14/14A 13 A/13A
Max. short-circuit current per MPPT tracker 17.5/17.5A 16A/16A
Battery Battery type Lithium Battery Lithium Battery
Battery voltage range 45.6—56V 182.4—224V
Max. charging current / Max. discharging current 95/104.2A 50 A / 50A
Rated. charging current / Rated. discharging current 95/104.2A 40A/40A
AC output Nominal AC voltage L+N+PE, 230V 3W+N+PE, 220 / 380 V; 230 / 400 V; 240 / 415 V
AC voltage range 176 to 270V 360V to 440V
Rated AC grid frequency 50/60 Hz 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Rated active power 5kW 10 kW
Rated apparent power 10kVA 10kVA
Max. apparent power 5kVA 11 KVA
Rated grid output Current 21.7A 14.4A
Max. grid output current 21.7A 15.9A
Harmonics THDI (@ Nominal power) < 2% < 3%
AC input Rated grid voltage 230(176 to 270)V 3W+N+PE, 220 / 380 V; 230 / 400 V; 240 / 415 V
Rated grid frequency 50/60HZ 50/ 60Hz
Rated apparent power 5kW 20 kW
Max. input apparent power from grid 5kVA 22kVA
Rated input current from grid 21.7A 28.9A
Max. input current from grid 21.7A 31.9A
BACKUP output Nominal output voltage 230VAC, 3W+N+PE, 220 / 380 V; 230 / 400 V; 240 / 415 V
Nominal output frequency 50/60Hz 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Rated apparent power 5kVA 10kVA
Max. output apparent power 5kVA 11kVA
Peak output apparent power 5kVA 11kVA
Rated Current (@400V) 21.7A 14.4A
Max. output current 21.7A 15.9A
Max. switch time <500ms ≤20ms
Output THDI (@ Linear load) <2% <2%
Efficiency MPPT efficiency 99.9% ≥99.5%
Max efficiency 97.6% 98.20%
Euro efficiency 97% 97.50%
Max. battery to load efficiency 90.25% 97.50%


Allsda All-in-One series are high-quality energy stations that can convert solar energy to AC energy and store energy in the battery. The energy station can be used to optimize self-consumption, store in the battery for future use or feed-in to the public grid. Work mode depends on PV energy and user’s preference.


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