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Lithium Battery Storage 5/5.8/10 kWh /LV

Model LFP 5kWh/LV LFP 5.8kWh/LV LFP 10kWh/LV
Total Energy* 5kWh 5.8kWh 10kWh
Usable Energy(DC)* 4.6kWh 5.3kWh 9.2kWh
Nominal Dis-/Charge Power 3.0kW 2.75kW 4.6kW
Peak Power(Only Discharge) 7kW for 3s 7kW for 3s 10kW for 3s
Constant Current(Only Discharge) 100A 100A 120A
Voltage 48~56Vd.c 42~54Vd.c 48~56Vd.c
Nominal Voltage 51.2Vd.c 48Vd.c 51.2Vd.c
Nominal Current 60A 57A 90A
Max. Charge Voltage 57.6Vd.c 54.0Vd.c 57.6Vd.c
Weight 55kg 66kg 96kg
Dimension(mm) 525*537*238mm 525*635*238mm 525*820*238mm
Max.recommended DOD 90%
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Allsda residential energy storage system uses reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are easy to install. Safe guarded and easy to move; >6000 cycles at 90% DOD; scalable to 20-40kW (4 in parallel).


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