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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery-4S20P 72Ah 12.8V


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Model (mAh) (g) (mΩ) (mA) nominal size
nominal approx. internal the maximum voltage (mm) (mm)
capacity weight resistance discharge current diameter height
IFR26650 3300 85 ≤30 3C 3.2V 26.0±0.2 65.0±0.5
IFR26650 3000 80 ≤30 3C 3.2V 26.0±0.2 65.0±0.5
IFR26650 2300 78 ≤20 20C 3.2V 26.1±0.2 65.0±0.3
IFR18650 1500 42 ≤38 3C 3.2V 18.2±0.2 65.0±0.3
IFR18650 1400 41 ≤50 3C 3.2V 18.1±0.2 64.5±0.5
IFR18550 1000 30 ≤60 2C 3.2V 18.2±0.2 50.0±0.3
IFR14550 600 18 ≤100 2C 3.2V 14.2±0.2 50.0±0.3

Basic Features

▶Standard discharge current is 2 to 5C,continuous high-rate discharge current is up to 10C,and instantaneous-pulse discharge current reaches 50C.

▶Wide range of working temperature(charge:0~45C,discharge:-20℃~+75℃).

▶Excellent safety performance.

▶Long cycle life:capacity remains 90% after 2000cycles at 1C.

Product Introduction

▶The nominal voltage of lithium iron phosphate battery is 3.2V,and it has following advantages:

▶Economical and durable.

▶High output rate.

▶Stable electrical properties.

▶Good consistency.

▶Wide range of operating temperature.

▶Low self-discharge rate.


▶The products are widely used in following fields:

▶Energy storage devices powered by solar energy or wind, UPS,EPS and emergency light.

▶Caution light and safety lamp.

▶LEV,electric bicycle,electric tools,etc.

▶Medical apparatus,portable instruments,etc.

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