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Lithium Polymer LP75110370 Battery Pack



Capacity: 10Ah

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  • Long cycle life:1000 times (capacity ≥80%),working life could reach 4-5 years,however,the life of lead-acid battery is up to 2years only.
  • Light in weight,quite small,20% percent of the weight of lead-acid battery.
  • Excellent electrical properties:the electric bicycle could run 40 to 70 km after fully charged.

Technical Specifications

Item LP75110370 7S1P 24V 10Ah
Nominal Capacity 10Ah
Nominal Voltage 25.2V
Charging Voltage 29.4±0.05V
Charging Method CC&CV
Standard discharge time ≥90min
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 19.25V
Max Continuous Discharge Current 10A
Operation TemperatureRange Discharge-10℃-55℃
Charge 0℃-45℃
Storage TemperatureRange 10℃-30℃
Battery Cycle Life ≥800Times
Internal lmpedance ≤200mΩ
Battery pack Dimension 370*110*75mm
Weight 2.5Kg


12 Months Manufacture Warranty

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