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NCM 18650 2200mAh Battery



Capacity: 2200mAh

Superior deep cycle design



  • The battery is widely used in intelligent sweeper, electric bicycle,digital products,electric tools,and so on.
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  • Tracing variation of impedance and capacity by dynamic modeling algorithm,so we can know well about the temperature and use record,meanwhile,we need not to standardize it full-cycled and regularly.
  • By making use of the influence of impedance on loads and temperature,we can make accurate modeling.
  • Mastering battery parameters dynamically,so we can guarantee the accuracy of the measurement of power.
  • Maintaining precision measurement of battery capacity by using Impedance Track algorithm.

Technical Specifications

Item NCM18650-2200mAh
4S1P 14.4V
Nominal Capacity 2200mAh
Nominal Voltage 14.4V
Charging input 16.8V
Max.Discharge Current 4.4A
Overcharge Voltage Protection 4.350±0.025V*4cell
Over discharge protection 2.370±0.005V*4cell
Short Circuit Protection 9±0.5A
Operation Temperature Range CVCO:0~+45℃ CCD:-20~+60℃
Storage Temperature Range -20~+60℃
PACK Impedance ≤330mΩ
Battery pack Dimension Max.40*60*75mm
Weight 210g


12 Months Manufacture Warranty

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