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UPS-500AD Battery Pack



Capacity: 26Ah

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  • Light,small,high-capacity,portable power.
  • Taking the lead in promoting backup power system which output through both AC and DC.
  • AC pure sine wave output,successfully avoiding shortages of square-wave that didn’t apply to inductive load,meanwhile, low-transition efficiency.
  • Applications:power supplies for all kinds of products,like,telephone,satellite communications,digital camera,tablet PC,laptop.LED,outdoor lighting,medical apparatus,refrigerator,television,coffee machine,also applying to traveling, mining,exploring,army,media,rescue,first aid etc.

Technical Specifications

Item UPS-500AD
Battery capacity 12V 26Ah 288Wh
The output power 500W/1000W
The input voltage AC110V-220V 50/60Hz
The output voltage 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Dc output 12V/4A 5V/2A
Solar battery charging 18V 100W
Output waveform square wave
Blackout response time ≤5ms
Mobile phone charging 30 times
Operation Temperature Range -20-60℃
Battery pack Dimension 280*135*110mm


12 Months Manufacture Warranty

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