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USB Rechargeable Battery S50

Capacity: 1.5V 2000mAh

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  • The original design is that the USB fast-charge lithium battery will reduce the 3.7V lithium battery to a constant voltage of 1.5V through the chip so that the electrical equipment can continue to maintain a strong power output, but it will also cause a series of defects to the electrical equipment such as severe fever, short use time, etc., and there is no low battery reminder function.
  • Allsda changed the USB fast-charge lithium battery from the original 1.5v constant voltage solution to a 1.5v-1.0v step-down solution to simulate a battery discharge solution. While ensuring strong power output, it also changed the severe fever and short use time caused by the 1.5v constant voltage, increase the low battery reminder function at the same time.

Technical Specifications

S50 AA Rechargeable Battery Specification

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1 Cell Model 13430 Li-ion polymer cell
2 Cell Nominal Capacity 3.7V 810mAh Standard charge-discharge
3 Battery Nominal Capacity 1.5V 2000mAh
4 Battery Energy Storage 3000mWh
5 Nominal Voltage 3.7V
6 Output Voltage 1.0V-1.50V(-0.02/+0.09) CV(No-load voltage)
7 Max Charge Voltage 5.00V(-0.25/+0.25) Type-C charging cable
8 Charging Way Type-C charging cable
9 Charging Indicator LED Green light flashing is charging; keep lighting is fully charged

fully charged

10 Standard Charge Current 600mA Type-C
11 Standard Discharge Current 0.2C(360mA)CC discharge to 1.0V
12 Max Continuous Discharge


13 Weight 18.5g±2g



Operating Temperature




Storage Temperature

Less 1 year:0~25℃  

Storage humidity 60%RH

Less 3 months:-10~30℃
Less 1 month:-20~35℃
S50 application:Wireless keyboard, mouse, game controller, electric toothbrush, flashlight, electric car, camera, flash, etc


12 Months Manufacture Warranty

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