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Vehicle-mounted Energy Storage Power Supply

Nominal voltage: 380V

Energy: 51kWh



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Item C-MEV-51/30-1AA0
Input Voltage 380
Output Voltage 380
Frequence 50Hz
Power 30kW
Capacity 51kWh
EnclosureProtectionRating IP54
Weight 800kg

Basic Features

·Millisecond response, fast output
·Small size, lightweight and flexible
·It is equipped with a general pickup truck, which is convenient for transportation
·Quiet and environmentally friendly, noise ≤ 65dB
·Can be paralleled to form a large-scale system to increase efficiency and expand capacity·Safe and reliable, the advanced control algorithm
·Visual operation interface design
·Support a variety of input and output interfaces, fast access on site
·GPS positioning, cloud intelligent management

Product Introduction

The onboard energy storage power supply is a product that solves the demand scenarios such as transformer capacity expansion and emergency maintenance power consumption. The equipment can replace diesel generators, provide a safe, reliable, and stable power supply for loads, and is suitable for pickup trucks and other engineering vehicles for transportation, which is fast and convenient.

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